Moroso at Tollgard Design Group Showroom

The story of Moroso is told by both their designs & projects; by people, the protagonists of contemporary living, who tell of their genuine, spontaneous passion for beauty, emotion, design & art.

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The Antibodi Armchair is a new shape for a non-padded chair; three-dimensional geometry derived from the cellular genesis of sewn petals using the layout of a graphic structure with a triangular base. The result is a floral explosion, a marvellous symbolic display of fertility.

Antibodi is a life force, the epitome of wonderful yet contradictory charm. The petals, in double sided fabric- felt & baize or baize & leather – create a structural upholstery, which is fixed to the stainless steel frame. The upholstery has a dual personality; welcoming and feminine when the petals face upwards, intentionally severe and matelassé when the petals face down.

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The Gogan Sofa takes its name from nature and in particular from the Japanese stones rendered smooth by time and water that provided the inspiration for this project. Gogan, the name given to the Japanese stones placed to protect & embellish the banks of rivers and lakes. The sofa’s form reminds us of flat stones sculpted by wind & water, solid yet smooth enough that you can lie on them.
Just like in rock sculptures; where stones maintain their balance by being carefully positioned & interlocked. It is the shape that maintains the balance between the elements on the Gogan sofa & armchair, which is not overly regular. By playing around with gravity and balance, we can make normally heavy shapes lightweight.

The seats are soft and irregular with the centre of gravity being slightly inclined towards the rear thereby giving exceptional comfort whilst allowing the backrest to be kept lower. The backrest and seat are joined by abutments which lend the sofa a sense of lightness and therefore appears as if it was suspended above the ground.

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Ceccotti Collezioni Chelsea Harbour


Following a long-standing mutual admiration; Ceccotti Collezioni & Tollgard Design Group have joined forces to refurbish & reopen Ceccotti’s showroom at London’s prestigious Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

ceccotti collezioni

Founder Staffan Tollgård has been a long-time fan of Ceccotti’s commitment to craftmanship & sustainability; consequentially he jumped at the chance to partner with the renowned atelier. The wood used for Ceccotti products comes from plantations strictly controlled in accordance with the life cycle of trees thereby supporting the necessary recycling & reforestation. The timbers contain no formaldehyde. The brand is committed to recycling wood waste recovered after processing the raw material to produce heat & reduce energy costs. Ceccotti works solely with suppliers that have obtained environmental certification such as membership of the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

ceccotti collezioni london manager
Peter Phan

Peter Phan is manager of the company’s Chelsea Harbour showroom.

As part of the UK Interior Designer Community for over 20 years, including 13 years as manager for Andrew Martin International; he has an enduring passion for promoting and selling quality interior design products.

Background information on CECCOTTI COLLEZIONI:

Ceccotti Collezioni

The Ceccotti Collezioni story heralds from Ceccotti Avier, a company founded in 1956; specialising in the production and supply of quality residential and commercial furniture to leading hotels chains; such as the Sheraton Group. Based in a small Italian town called Cascina; nestled between Florence and Pisa; designers and skilled craftsmen were drawn from the local ‘School of Art’, and an artisanal culture in furniture making and wood processing grew.

Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni has shown the character & quality of a company that has never deviated from its vocation to luxury craftsmanship. Subsequently; it has been able to translate its vision into new products with a contemporary interpretation.

Ceccotti Collezioni

Franco Ceccotti alongside architect Roberto Lazzeroni collaborated on design. As a result they developed a critically acclaimed collection known as ‘Dedos Tenidos’; which experimented with new shapes & materials & was influenced by the eclectic & surrealistic world of Gaudi, Mollino, & Scandinavian designs of the 1950’s.

Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni is unique; being recognised all over the world in the field of interior design for their ability to create ‘products of the author’. Original in their constructive complexity and designed without ostentation ; without aesthetic frivolity and ultimately with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history.

We are also pleased to have been able to feature artwork by Tobit Roche as above!

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