The 2021 Showroom Spring Sale

Spring has sprung and we are super excited about making space for some new pieces in our showrooms. Please help us find good homes for some exceptional pieces of design.

Ceccotti: Obi Dining Table

Our version of the Obi Dining Table is crafted in Ceccotti’s smouldering American brown walnut, with a glamorous veneered Ebony Macassar top that oozes elegance.

The unique design of this stunning piece, with its clean lines and Italian style, is a great example of the timeless elegance our clients like for their dining areas. The table’s legs flowing into the central bar, provides a contemporary and unexpected twist. This piece is certainly a showstopper for any dining area!

American Walnut Brown and Ebony Macassar Top

2200mm x 1100mm x 760mm

RRP: £17,640, Sale price: £4,995

"The Obi Dining Table has graced the Ceccotti Showroom with its classic proportions and elegance — it will be greatly missed. The table's gently tapered legs and curved, satisfyingly solid frame make this a truly functional piece of sculpture.”
Peter Phan Ceccotti Showroom Manager

BassamFellows: Geometric Dining Table

“The Geometric collection from BassamFellows celebrates the sublimity of pure geometry. Pairing the slender steel legs and harmonious walnut top achieves the appearance of graceful weightlessness.”

— Philip Howe, Showroom Sales & Business Development

BassamFellows’ Geometric dining table marries the formal occasion of dining, with the practicality of everyday use.

Veneered Walnut with a Carved, Solid Walnut Edge

1550mm (diameter) x 720mm (height)

RRP: £12,780, Sale price: £8,310

"The perfect dining room doesn’t just look beautiful. It has to inspire conversation, feel warm and welcoming, be practical and comfortable. It has to be elegant yet not untouchable.”
Staffan Tollgard Founder of Tollgard Design Group

Knoll: Platner Dining Table

“Many mid-century pieces are classics and timeless. The Knoll platner table is the actual embodiment of both of those qualities. When I see this piece I always smile because it instantly has the ability to lend gravity to any scheme.”
— Erik Odell-Romanoff, Showroom Manager

A core principle we consider in any project is the functionality of pieces. After all, your home is for living in, not just looking at.

The Knoll platner table is both structurally beautiful, with its unique combination of glass and steel, and practically stunning, providing seating for up to 6 people.

Metallic Bronze with Statuarietto Top

350mm (diameter) x 690mm (height)

RRP: £6,000, Sale price: £3,900

Knoll: Tulip Dining Table

“The Saarinen collection is a Knoll classic with its delicate and timeless design. With the Sahara Noir marble table top and velvet chairs, it is a great opportunity to bring some mid-century elegant glamour into your home.”
— Tania Kalani, Showroom Sales Associate

The Knoll Tulip dining table is a simple, sophisticated statement for any dining room.

That being said, this elegant piece is not reserved for dining rooms alone; it also transitions seamlessly into any kitchen or eating area. The Tulip dining table’s marble gloss finish and generous dimensions, make this a remarkably practical table for a variety of settings.

Sahara Noir Marble Gloss Finish

1520mm (diameter) x 730mm (height)

RRP: £11,892, Sale price: £7,730

Skram: Wishbone Desk

“This piece from American artisans Skram hits the mark in every way: solid maple wood, beautifully worked metal finishes and a purity of design that makes it certain to be a future classic.”
— Philip Howe, Showroom Sales & Business Development

At Tollgard Studio, we’ve been designing ‘working from home’ (WFH) into family life for as long as we can remember – long before Covid-19! Whether this means homework for the kids, or dedicated spaces for our clients to work from.

An essential item on the WFH checklist is a good sturdy desk. One of the reasons we love this Skram Wishbone desk is that it’s beautiful, even when it’s not working. Given how much time we are spending at home at the moment, this is a very important feature for any addition to our homes.

Olive Ebonised Ash Gunmetal Legs and Frame

1520mm x 760mm x 750mm

RRP: £6,126, Sale price: £3,985

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