De Castelli

Founded by Albino Celato, a fourth-generation blacksmith, De Castelli is an Italian firm dedicated to the art of ‘hard couture’. Infusing artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, it seeks to push metal to its fullest potential. By combining age-old techniques with advanced engineering, it creates modern surfaces, furniture and products.

Contemporary design is fundamental to De Castelli, and the company has created its own collections of furniture and products in collaboration with some of the world’s leading designers. Bookcases, storage units, tables, chairs and lighting are shaped in hammered brass, mottled copper, weathered steel and délabré brass.

Working closely with architects and designers on bespoke commissions, as well as offering finishes and furniture for domestic use to consumers, De Castelli’s stated aim is to “bend metal to the requirements of different spaces and uses, to shape it to the tastes and desires of a sophisticated and demanding clientele”.

Tollgard’s London showrooms are proud to showcase De Castelli’s work. Please contact us if there is a particular piece you are interested in, as we regularly update our displays.

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