The result of a shared love and a mission; Eikund is a furniture maker bringing forgotten classics of Norwegian mid-century design into the spotlight. Its three founders, Morten Hippe, Frode Tingbø and Jørgen Tengesdal have in common a long-held appreciation of Norwegian furniture design. Believing it to have been traditionally overlooked in favour of the better-known Danish mid-century icons, they set out together to correct this, and in 2015, Eikund was born. 

The company takes its name from the island of Eigerøya on Norway’s west coast, which it also calls home. Originally known as Eikund, the island was named after the oak trees (‘eik’ in Norwegian) with which it is densely populated. It is Norwegian oak and walnut with which most of Eikund’s designs are crafted today; designs from the mid-century that were long forgotten until Hippe, Tingbø and Tengesdal set about bringing them back to life. 

Staffan Tollgård crossed paths with Eikund when they worked together on Pantechnicon in London, and was inspired by the trio’s devotion to uncovering and recreating the best of Scandinavian design. He has selected an edit of effortlessly beautiful, flawlessly made pieces from Eikund for the London showrooms, including the Hertug Dining Chair, the Veng Arm Chair, the Broadway Armchair, and the Isbjørn collection by Arne Tjomsland.

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