OKHA furniture

OKHA furniture is a Cape Town based interior design studio. They are creators of progressive, elegant modern living furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal and contemporary object d’art. Their design is inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a deep respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Creative Director and designer, Adam Court has a background in fine art and has worked in various creative formats and across many genres, including film, fashion, and photography. With his explorative, forward-thinking and unorthodox approach to design, unconstrained by formal training, he has developed the brand into the prominent South African design label it is today.

OKHA with its headquarters in Cape Town, a city with an artisanal history and unrivaled beauty, the studio has a design language that makes each piece both furniture and artwork. “It is no longer good enough to create luxury for luxury’s sake,” says Court. “Luxury must go beyond consumerism, finding its basis in the integrity of design and truth to materials. Design is an art where both form and function remain intact.” OKHA prefers organic materials that have inherent value and lasting quality. Court and his team frequently turn to brass, leather, copper, timber, wool, and stone, which they carefully craft, hone and sculpt until the perfect design expression is realised.

OKHA furniture aims to be at the forefront of discerning modern living and their desire is to continuously explore and refine their aesthetic to better communicate intimate and characterful narratives through the art of design.

In addition to furniture design, OKHA’s repertoire includes interior design for residential and hospitality projects.

We have welcomed into our showroom a few iconic OKHA furniture pieces.

The MILES armchair is a sculpted, lyrical statement, a form that is fluid and sensual, one that defines the structure, mass and the beauty of negative space. This armchair is available in a range of timber finishes as well as a broad selection of leathers.

Another beautiful addition to our showroom display is a pivoting STM armchair whose width and breadth are an exceptional display of paired-down luxury, this armchair expresses a great deal with few words. A tautness of line combined with great ergonomics and exceptional comfort are key elements that have made this piece such a classic. As per the words of Adam Court, “In the world of the OKHA Design Studio, the acronym STM is often used. It literally means SPEAK TO ME, and is a request for further dialogue, a desire to connect, communicate and explore the subject further with the aim of finding the optimum solution, the best possible result.”

The LEAN side table is a simple interlocking construction of three elements. The two vertical and diametrically opposing elements of the timber base slot into one another, each supporting the other; each unable to stand without the other. The circular top, which can be of glass, stone, brass, is a flat disc that sits in a recess provided by the timber base. The beauty of the table lies in its simplicity, in the reliance and relationship of one form upon another to create the whole.

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