The Tollgard Brand Book: A New Edition Awaits!

Collected within these pages are some of the most dedicated, passionate and talented makers working in the world of furniture today. Edition 2 brings even more new and exciting additions.

Before furniture was mass-produced, the hand of the maker was always visible. At Tollgard we have always been fascinated by stories —by the artists and craftspeople behind the pieces and brands. Our search to bring them together has been going on for more than fifteen years. The red thread —the creative DNA —that binds these makers from more than a dozen countries is the value they place on how things are made, the questions of living that they answer, and the honesty of their ingredients. The result: pieces that engage and endure. Stories that intrigue.

The celebration of the handmade across all corners of the globe has utterly captivated us. Beautifully functional design and the hand-working of metal, leather and wood have created its own language reminiscent of the principles of mid-century modern: less is more, honesty in manufacturing techniques and truth to materials. From Ceccotti Collezioni, Overgaard & Dyrman and Van Rossum on our European shores; to the East Coast heroes found at BassamFellows, Token, Skram, Juniper and RBW; to the South African artisans at Indigenus and Okha – we see a richness and a rawness that makes it hard to look away.

Welcome to our Brand Book. We are so proud to bring this collection to you.

Brand Book

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